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Torshov Open – Winter Edition

Well, not going to lie, we had no idea what to expect from a snow skate event, especially having seen the madness at Torshov Open's summer edition, it seemed hard to live up to the hype. Turns out though Oslo skaters can get gnarly on any type of terrain, cold beers in the sun always taste good and seeing people fly down a steep mountain is way easier to watch when the slams don't end in roadrash and concussions! Huge shoutout to Janna, Janno and the Torshov locals for making this fun day in the snow happen!

230223 OSLO Snow DSCF9336

Jan Henrik Kongstein, prep is key!

230223 OSLO Snow DSCF9312


230223 OSLO Snow DSC 7207

Tobias Himmelstrup figured shit out fast!

230223 OSLO Snow DSC 7204

Gabriel Bjørsvik enjoyed falling in the snow instead of concrete for once.

230223 OSLO Snow DSC 7336

Bjarne Tjøtta treats himself to a boardslide the entire length of the step down rail!

230223 OSLO Snow DSC 7316

Karsten Kleppan, not quite getting all the way on a 50, but leaving the rail with a little boardslide hit, snowboardstyle!

230223 OSLO Snow DSC 7376

Well deserved "Øl" after putting on a fun event!

230223 OSLO Snow DSC 7271

Fastst shades, best steez!

See you in Torshov in this summer, when we return for the regularly scheduled skateboarding program!