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Speed Dating with Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto, who rides for Birdhouse, not only makes an impression with her blue-dyed hair tips, but she has also long since gained respect on the board. We met her at the Vans Park Series finals in Malmö, where we asked her some speedating questions.

What makes you laugh?
My friends make me laugh a lot, cause they’re all dorks. When I’m in the van with the boys I’m always… Actually on the last trip there was a photographer, his name is Bart Jones and just his existence is really funny. I was laughing all the time, he’s just a funny human.

Describe your perfect holidays.
Right now a perfect holiday sounds like beeing at home and doing normal people stuff. Travelling and all that seems like that’s my normal life now and when I’m at home that’s vacation.

Lizzie Armanto Interview

What’s the last music album you bought?
"Lemonade" by Beyonce. I also went to a concert earlier this year, it was so good! I usually don’t get to fanatical but when it started, I was cheering up.

What is your most treasured posession and why?
My phone, so I can talk to my family and friends. But If I had to go with something that’s not a tool in my daily life I’d go with those Star Wars light sabres. I have two and they’re the fx ones and when you swing them around they make noise and they’re the coolest thing. They make my day.

Ok, I guess Star Wars is your favourite movie then.
I really like Star Wars, but my favourite movie is the Pink Panther Series with Peter Sellers.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Still in southern california, still skateboarding, hopefully doing a lot more different things. Just because it’s always cool to pushing yourself in new areas.

"Von Tee werde ich aufgekratzt und bekomme einen Energieschub und das Bier bringt mich in angenehme Stimmung, so hab ich Beides"

If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be?

I’d be an octopus. There is so much we don’t know about them and I feel like I can relate to them, if that makes sense. They’re kinda like hiding and beeing on their own. I feel like I need that sometimes. And they can figure out stuff and are really clever. And they’re just weird and powerful and mysterious.

If you could travel back through time, where would you travel to?
I was gonna say America when it all started, but there was war and the people that were coming killed the indians, so it’s not that cool. The lifetime we’re in right now is pretty cool. It would be cool to get back and forth in time to get little bits and pieces, but if you have to stick somewhere, I don’t think there is any place better than the presence.

What are you most proud about?
My family.

Do you want to marry?
I probably will get married. In the current society I feel like it’s getting less and less common to be, but I like the idea of holding a promise. But then again maybe when I’m in the situation that won’t matter. There are people that just have mutual agreements instead of having something concrete. Because it’s just a piece of paper and it only means as much as you want it to mean. Sometimes people don’t need that.

What is your favourite month of the year and why?
Right now probably October or November, because I get to be home and I can do more of what I want. The craziest months of the year are August and September. I‘m always out, doing a bunch of stuff. And as much as it’s fun to be crazy I feel I don’t get that much personal time.

What do you enjoy doing in your sparetime?
I like going to the beach, going have boba-tea with my friends and drawing.

Lizzie Armanto Interview

I read about boba in some of your older interviews as well. What is boba tea?
It’s from Taiwan. It’s tapioka balls and they cook them in sirup, in sugar water or honey. They’re kinda like gummy bears in the bottom of the drink. You can get them at donut shops or thairestaurants but if you go to a actual boba tea shop you’ll get a real good one. It’s like the difference between going to the skateshop or getting a skateboard at Walmart. I really like tea, so that’s a big part of it, and the place I like a lot is Boba 7 in downtown L.A. and they have a really good tea beer, which is even a bit more weird. But it’s just jasmin tea and beer, it’s kinda like a radler and then they put boba in it. It’s a fun drink. Tea makes me feel hyped and I have all that energy and the beer puts you in a good mood, so I have both. And you drink it casually. When you drink a boba you can’t drink it fast cause you’re trying to chew up the boba. So you take your time and at home most people don’t take their time with anything. Over here in Europe you get a coffee in the restaurant and you spend your time on it drinking it. In America they just take a coffee and go. So I like the experience to go to this place, I get my tea beer, I drink it casually and hang out. The place is almost like a cave. I hang on the computer and get work done or play RuneScape. And the shop is a pokestop, so I can play Pokemon Go.

What level are you?
I’m not that high of a level, level 14.

Did you find some Pokemons at this event?
No, but in Copenhagen I was playing, cause across my hotel there was a stop and I catched some Pokemons.

What was the first crush you ever had?
I think it was this boy in third grade named Regan Ornopia. He eventually found out that I had a crush on him, but I think he thought I was weird. Ironically years later I got an email and he asked, if I went to this elementary school. It been so long and I moved and switched schools when I was younger that I fully forgott about who he was. Then I saw his instagram and I was like: „Holy crap! It is the person I had a crush on in third grade.“ And then he is texting me: „Wanna hang out?“ And I was like, whatever, let’s meet up. We were talking and eventually he ends up beeing like: „I like you.“ And I thought, maybe in third grade, but it was years too late. Sometimes I think in life there are things that I want, but they don’t always happen when I want them to.