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"Sorry for being late" by Ethan Moriceau

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There is a new generation coming up in Paris and Ethan Moriceau managed to gather all the young guns in the French capital as well as on travels for a video recently premiered at Arrow & Beast Paris. The carelessness of big-city teenagers, freaking out over Pokémon cards and, most importantly, good skating! This one has it all!

With Niccolo Giorgio Marrano, Ilan Zeitoun, Luca Barratierro, Tom Demonois, Enzo Franco, Chahyn Ettaghi, Sengo Prevost, Quentin Ciurko & Felix Le Ber.

FA Hadrien DSC 0619

Felix Le Ber - Boardslide

FA Hadrien DSC 0309

Sengo Prevost - Backtail