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SOLO - "Lux Veritas"

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Ali Jbilou, who published a part with us four months ago, made us aware of this video. Himself and many other homies went skating between South France and Paris to collect footage for the Lux Veritas Video. Sami Lababedi, who edited the whole thing, answers a few questions here.

Hello Sami, tell us something about yourself.

Hi, I am Sami Lababedi and I live in Paris, France. I am 32 years old.

Cool, so you are already from our generation. How long have you been skating?

I've been skating for almost twenty years.

So more than half your life, not bad. Did you film and edit the Lux Veritas video alone or were there more people involved?

There were more filmmakers involved. I would like to thank people like Quentin Delebecque who put a lot of footage into the video. I mainly took care of the edit.

Can you tell me about the crew in the video?

The crew is Ali, Zenden, Pettex & Valentin who I skate with in Paris and Pierre, Flo and Lucas who I know from the south of France.

We know Ali for a bit longer now, really cool guy. He gave us the tip with this video. One more question, what does Lux Veritas mean and is there a deeper meaning for you personally?

Lux Veritas means light and truth in Latin. I think to strive for Light and Truth is a man’s quest of a lifetime. But it also sounded like a wicked name for an edit.