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Silence Skateboards - ZAP.09

Brussels can be hard, Brussels can be fun.

The Silence crew from Brussels, Belgium regularly add an new episode to their VX-serie called 'ZAP', showing off what Brussels has to offer and making the European capital look fun to skate. Their 9th video focus on the 3 main guys of the team, Cesar Bijnens, Damien Delsaux and Gregoire Vansse. As usual, in addition to the quality of the skateboarding, they kinda highlight some current society events, local or international, mostly bringing us back to the sad reality of what's going on nowadays but the contrast with the fun atmosphere of the skate sessions makes it all nice to watch! You should have a look at the previous episodes right here. (

They make boards to help them finance their projects in collaboration with subversive artists who also like playing with the enormities of what this world is coming to ! Their website is currently off but you can still order by shooting them a message on their insta!