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An app from skateboarders for skateboarders

In times where there is an app for everything, it is strange that there is no real app for skateboarding (if you ignore Instagram). But Jonas Dalesjö and Danijel Stankovic are working on exactly that: an app by skateboarders for skateboarders, called Shinner. The central feature is a spotmap where everyone can upload their spots and tricks. But much more is planned for the future. For example we have already prepared something together with the guys, which you will hear about soon.

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Wether it’s the app or skating – Jonas & Danijel are in it together

Please introduce yourself. Who’s behind Shinner?

Danijel: Im Danijel Stankovic, some probably only know me as Jugga or Juggaboltz. I’ve been skating forever, 28 years now.

Jonas: We’re a team of three actively working on this right now, but we’re looking to get more people onboard. So if you’re a developer or UX-designer interested in working with us, just reach out to us! My name is Jonas Dalesjö, I live in Malmö and started skating in 1998 and have been doing it since then, with some shorter intermissions. Last seven years I’ve worked as web developer.

How did you come up with the idea and for how long have you been working on the app?

D: I did not come up with the idea, Jonas is the brain behind the code of this app and last summer when I stopped working at Nike SB he started to approach me. I thought he was looking to buy Spitfire wheels or something, but we had a coffee and after that we pretty much started to work together. So it’s been a rollercoaster since August for me.

    J: It all started when I went on a trip to Copenhagen and was looking for street spots to skate. I searched the web and downloaded all the apps that were available on App Store, but they were either really outdated or just a crappy experience, so I decided to have a go at it.

    "If Chuck Norris knew about it he would call it a “digital Swiss army knife” for skateboarding. Shinner is about exploring and sharing the world of skateboarding and being able to connect with skateboarders wherever they are from."

    What has been the hardest parts in programming it?

    J: This is the first app I’ve built. I’ve mainly worked with websites before. So just getting started and getting it out on App Store and Play Store was a big hurdle. Other than that it’s just been hard trying to find the time to do this, while at the same time working a full time job, since it takes a lot of time to build it and work out all the kinks. But right now I’m focusing full time on Shinner, which will allow us to do so much more with the app.

    How would you describe Shinner? What is the app all about? What are the possibilities?

    D: I always had this joke with Shinner that if Chuck Norris knew about it he would call it a “digital Swiss army knife” for skateboarding. Shinner is about exploring and sharing the world of skateboarding and being able to connect with skateboarders wherever they are from. I think we are in a time where things are about to change and I think with a bit of technology we can make this a new skateboard network, very fun and inspiring.

    J: We want to build a digital skate tool, which will help you discover new spots, connect with your crew and local scene in new ways and to stay inspired. Up until now we have focused a lot on mapping out skate spots all over the world, but we have a lot more planned for the future.

    Can you tell what’s planned?

    J: Right now we are working on doing events and challenges in the app, which you’ll hopefully hear more about soon! Other than that we have hundreds of ideas and features planned. We just need some time to build them now!

    D: Right now we have an ongoing event between Malmö and Bordeaux. A super nice sculpture exchange between the cities, with a video challenge. We also have a Go Skateboarding Day event planned together with you and some great stores across Germany.

    How can the people help progressing/shaping the app?

    D: Well it’s a tool for the user, it’s based on user generated content, which is always super scary at first. Take a look at your first Facebook image or instagram post. It took a while to perfect it but you can help us getting better by feedbacking, mapping out your local scenes with spots, local shops and brands etc. We want to give every local scene a chance to have their own landing page that they can populate, so others can find out.

      J: We’re actively looking for feedback and ideas. Just reach out to us through the app or any of our social channels. We really want to hear what you think about the app, and how we can improve it.

        You can download the Shinner at the app store or the play store.