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Sabrina "Puse" Göggel im Interview


Sabrina "Puse" Göggel is already an old hand among the skating girls in Germany and was there from the beginning. To celebrate the Sarah Meurle Issue and her tenth anniversary on Volcom (a part will be released tomorrow) we asked her a few questions.  

How did your nickname Puse come about?

That should have been so in the eighth class about when everyone called me "Stöpsel" or "Pupser" because of my size. At some point a classmate promised herself and said "Puse". That was then quite funny and since then I am Puse. So actually the name comes from my size.

You brought your own brand with Cheers Skateboarding. Are there any backgrounds?

So first of all I don't do it myself anymore, I handed it over to my representative from Düsseldorf. I did that when the whole skateboard industry broke down a bit and started throwing the girls out of the teams. It just excited me that so little was done for the girls, I mean in the end you don't need much at all. But before I start to scold, I'd rather take something like that into my own hands. That's how Cheers Skateboarding came into being.

So a pure girl brand?

Exactly, so I already had guys with me, but primarily for the girls. 

How was the female scene in the past compared to today? What has changed there?

So today it all seems more energetic and professional. There used to be a lot less girls on the board and it was more like you went skating and once you met a girl it was cool and you got along immediately. Personally I found the cohesion in the girls skate scene a bit better back then.

Why do you think it is that it became more?

Of course because skateboarding has become a bit more attractive these days. I mean, when I started skateboarding 19 years ago, the skaters were addicted to heroin and antisocial, so everybody chased you away. Nowadays skateboarding is simply more accepted. 

"The father no longer has such a problem when his daughter goes skating, today he sits with her in the park and watches her do it."

Do you still have contact to old comrades like Steffi Weiß or Louisa Menke?

So we don't really have contact but when we see each other we all get along great. Skateboard technically we don't have much in common anymore. With those from very early times, the Didi [Diana Kränsel] or Lea Schairer we try to meet once a year. They all visited us the other day, Laura [Kaczmarek] and Kim [Wibbelt] were there too. We all want to do a bit more together again.