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Robotron – “INTRO”


If you're almost around for 20 years as a brand, it's a tough task to always keep up with the zeitgeist and stay relevant. Robotron Skateboards never disappeared from the radar and after having a kind of German allstars team in the 2010s, they slowly built up a very promising squad over the past years and are now showcasing them all in "INTRO", a video entirely filmed in 2023 all over Germany.

Featuring Lutz Schreier, Niklas Speer von Cappeln, Vanessa Konte, Daniel Giesecke, Matthias Bednorz, Lorenz Rammelsberg, Justin Ernst & Tim Janke.

SOLO Robotron I Ntro Lutz Schreier Boardslide

Lutz Schreier – Boardslide by Florian Grütters

SOLO Robotron Intro Tim Janke Fs Blunt

Tim Janke – Fs Bluntslide by Florian Grütters

SOLO Robotron Intro Daniel Giesecke Nosepick

Daniel Giesecke – Nosepick by Florian Grütters

SOLO Robotron I Ntro Daniel Giesecke

Daniel Giesecke by Florian Grütters

R1 01394 0004

Vanessa Konte by Florian Grütters

SOLO Robotro Nintro Vanessa Konte Noseslide

Vanessa Konte – Noseslide by Florian Grütters

SOLO Robotron I Ntro Frederick Schneider Pascal Kurth

Calling the team in for a BBQ is what makes a true lensman – Frederick Schneider & Pascal Kurth by Tim Janke