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Reell Roughness Gallery


Usually photographers are extremely meticulous in dealing with their pictures and thus Argus-eyed about adjusting every detail so that they’re printed in the best possible quality. This time Robert Christ just couldn’t give a fuck and even dragged the pictures he took from the Reell team through the mud – quite literally. He abused the prints with mud packs, a gas flame, oil and dirt from his car, or the remains of the organic waste till they looked as rough as the spots that are shown on them. Rarely has a dirty job ever produced a shinier outcome.

Martin Schiffl Drop2

Martin Schiffl – Drop

Martin Schiffl Fs Boadslide Pop Out

Martin Schiffl – Frontside Boardslide Pop Out

Lenni Janssen Fs Blunt

Lenni Janssen – Frontside Bluntslide

Samuel Beyer Nosebonk

Samuel Beyer – Nosebonk

Patrick Wenz Ollie

Patrick Wenz – Ollie