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Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020

Like kinda everything this year, also the 2020 Red Bull Bowl Rippers in Marseille was different. Due to Covid it almost got cancelled and in the end there were no spectators allowed around the legendary Bowl du Prado that has seen some gnarly skateboarding over the years. This year it was a fine selection of European transition riders and some French newcomers who found their way to the competition which local hero Jean Pantaleo finally won. Jaime Mateu from Spain finished second and Karl Berglind took third place.

0 Y7 A9672

Jean Pantaleo – Backside Crailslide

0 Y7 A0219

Greg Ruhoff – Backside Grab

0 Y7 A0212

Greg Ruhoff – Frontside Grind

0 Y7 A9620

Jean Pantaleo – Backside Smithgrind

IMG 9693

Danny Leon – Stalefish

IMG 9671

Robin Bolian – Bluntslide

IMG 9651

Mat Junge – Handplant

IMG 9656

Marcel Wintherling – Frontside Rock

0 Y7 A9734

Martin Le Clair – Stalefish

0 Y7 A0222

Jaime Mateu – Frontside Crailslide

IMG 9640

Martin Le Clair – Indy Nosebone

0 Y7 A0274

Dannie Carlsen – Tailtap

0 Y7 A9799

Dannie Carlsen – Indy Nosebone

0 Y7 A9679

Greg Ruhoff – Mellon Grab

0 Y7 A0174

Jean Pantaleo – Backside Ollie

0 Y7 A0511

Jeaan Pantaleo – Transfer

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Jean Pantaleo & Karl Berglind