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"RE4" by Patty Paulenz

Normally, it takes a lot until we'll host a VX video nowadays. But somehow, there is a symbiosis between this old camera and some places in this world. One of those places definitely is the west of Germany – rough as the world-famous metropolis of Berlin, but not nearly as ultra-fashion as the German capital. That's the vibe we want to see captured with that legendary camera. Patty Paulenz actually did it and showcases a bunch of people from the western skate scene in "RE4". Enjoy!

Featuring Justin Ernst, Jakob Kern, Georg Anders, David Skaliks, Patty Paulenz, Tim Grünewald, Julian Tschierschke, Tim Clupka, Felix Frick, Dave Zorc, Tim Liesegang, Florian Nass, Ruben Lücke, Basti Conrads, Philip Nordhoff, Max Hilsmann, Björn Klotz, Paul Grim, Andre Müller, Leon Merschmann, Marcel Zylka, Stefan Granitzer, Lukas Runkel, Pasquale Grispo, Felix Flexer.