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Radio x IRIEDIALY "Berlin Amour Paris"


Radio Skateboards grabbed team riders Malte Spitz, Phillip Oehime, Collin Mc Lean and Bastien Marlin. In Paris they met the Iriedaily Team with Roland Hirsch, Steve Forstner, Konstantin Rutschmann and Valerie Rosomako who rides for both teams.

Solo Skatemagazin Radio Irie4

Forstner – Fs Board

Paris has developed into a skateboarding metropolis in recent years, perhaps even replacing Barcelona in terms of popularity. This is probably less due to architectural conditions than to the fresh breeze that the city's skate scene has stirred up in recent years.

Soloskatemagazin Radio Irie2

Hirsch – Massive Bs Board

Soloskatemagazin Radio Irie3


For this reason, the teams were mainly looking for new spots. But you can't go to Paris without having been to the Place de la Republique or Louvre, the landmarks of the city have of course also been ticked off. 

Soloskatemagazin Radio Irie1

Collin – Big Fs Tailslide

Soloskatemagazin Radio Irie5


This trip was one of the reasons and inspiration for a collaboration between the two brands including boards and roles. From 26 March 2018, the Radio x Iriedaily collection will be available exclusively ins stores from Iriedaily and Radio.