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Radio Skateboards – "Futschi"

Futschi is a typical Berlin pub drink mixed from cola and brandy. You can be asured that one or two Futschi were drunk at Franken bar at the premiere of the newest Radio video on 4/20. But Radio is not just about expanding your perception through intoxicants. It’s also about meme videos, fun, and yeah – skateboarding. Enjoy it in their latest output. A fine Berlin mix – just like Futschi. And keep your ears open, Radio is on air and and ready to deliver more news this year.

With Valeri Rosomako, Philipp Oehmige, Collin McLean, Octavio Trindade, Victor Bass, Konstantin Rutschmann, Malte Spitz, Karim Schröder, Lennie Burmeister, Justus Braun, Conrad Bauer, Maxim Rosenbauer, Tommi Fuhrmann, Sami Harithi, Florian Bodenhammer, Max Kähni, Cesar Moreno, Sergej Vutuc.