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Question & Art: Sammy Montano

With skateboarding being the creative outlet that it is, you won't be surprised to find that a lot of skaters have other hidden talents in the world of arts & crafts. Sammy Montano answers our questions in drawings, in our SoMe native feature: Question & Art!

A selfportrait

An alien

Favourite spot

Something on your desk

SAMMY 00001

„Rubber ducky I got from London that I painted on.“

The meaning of life

SAMMY 00014

„Connection is the meaning of life.“

What motivates you

SAMMY 00003

„Art motivates me“

Something beautiful

Something ugly

SAMMY 00011

„Destruction is ugly“

A loved one

SAMMY 00010

"My Father"

Your ride

Something you enjoyed as a child

Your deepest fear

SAMMY 00004

„Not remembering is my deepest fear.“