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Polster – Cinnamon Fidgetty Spinners

André Gerlich, Tobi & Chris Lehne

"Skate Everything" used to mean that you skate Transitions aswell as flat-out Street. That was back in the day when Vert was dying a slow death and you'd surely be crucified for doing Boneless-Ones on your 7.25" Popcicle Stick with 44 mm wheels. Looking at this POLSTER Trucks Clip featuring André Gerlich and Tobi & Chris Lehne, you get the feeling that these guys take the phrase "Skate Everything" very literally. Word for word. Swirling and spinning their boards through a collection of non-spots like attention deficit disorderd kids who lost their spinners and spilled their Energy Drink, André and Tobi and Chris are the proof that it is the Skateboarder who makes the Spot. Skateboarding doesn't need perfect conditions - what it needs is a healthy dose of Creativity and Kick-Ass attitude - otherwise we might just as well call it Skateboredom.