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OWN Skateboards – Made in Germany II

Our Stuttgart local-homies from OWN Skateboards did their second full-length video as a sequel for "Made in Germany" it obviously had to be called "Made in Germany II". In a away everything does stay the same with one difference. Now they have Willow. Otherwise great skating, most delicious VX filming and an experimental editing with a diversified soundtrack. Doesn't care how your life went until this point. Relax, lean back and enjoy the next 34 minutes.

Beliefe it or not but OWN Skateboards is already in business for many years and they stand especially for quality "Made in Germany"- What else? Even though the video was released at the ESC in Basel last year it now finally made it to the world wide web to project on your retina and shake your central nervesystem around. If you're no satisfied with OWN stuff after this you can read our Robin Wulf mini docu.

Sheehan Tailslide Fakie Crooked

Sheehan Kneeland – Fakie Crooked Grind

Tim Bean Plant Rot

Tim Rebensdorf – Beanplant

Robin 1A Nosegrind Hft

Robin Wulf – Nosegrind

Nitsche Nollie180Flip Trashcan

Dennis Nitsche – Nollie 180 Flip

Nitsche Nollie Bs Heel Marienplatz

Dennis Nitsche – Nollie Backside Heelflip

Zlati Kickflip Marienplatz Bremsklotz

Kevin Spina – Kickflip

Willow Fs Varial Heel

Willow – Frontside Varial Heel

Andi 360 Flip Kuppingen 1

Andi Welther – 360 Flip

Glenn Varial Flip

Glenn Michelfelder – Hardflip