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Nyjah Huston Interview


Even he didn’t win the Street League in Munich, Nyjah Huston still ist the best contest skater in the world and also in the streets there are only few that reach his level. He might polarize but undeniable he is a league of his own so we were eager to ask him some questions at the session at Theresienwiese – although he only had seven minutes time. He’s just a wanted man.

You were injured when the Street League was here last time, so it’s your first time in Munich. How do you like it?

I’m stoked that they’re doing another one here. After missing out on that one I was super bummed. It was the only Street League I ever missed out on and I was home, watching it on tv.

Nyjah Huston
How is it to be on Nike now? With which guys do you hang out the most or do you skate the most?

It’s awesome dude im super stoked to be a part of Nike, a dream come true you know? It’s got an amazing team, really cool dudes, awesome shoes, I couldn’t be more stoked. Yeah it’s cool to hang out with all these guys and it’s an honour to be on a team with P Rod, Luan and Shane and all of this dudes. I hang out with Shane a lot, Ishod and yeah all the guys are really cool.

Are there any projects planed with Nike? Are you filming a part?

I actually need to start working on my video part for Element first. Element’s supposed to come out with a video I think around may next year, so I need to start filming for that cause I’ve had a couple of injuries and stuff, so I’ve been keeping it mellow. But hopefully after that something with Nike.

"I’m not the no-comply urban skater type of guy, you know, but it’s sick to watch. I’ve respect for all types of skateboarding."

Do you also already work on a pro shoe?

I’m about to start working on it really soon. Super stoked for it. I just want it to be my best shoe yet. Want it to be really good.

Any specials you got in mind?

I mean im like kind of simple when it comes to shoes. I’m like, as long a they break in fast, last a long time and protect my feet good im stoked. That’s the main thing, cause I hate skating new shoes. So I’m always skating my shoes as long as possible.

You skate pretty big spots, how do you find that stuff? Is it like people mail you or do you search for spots like this?

Normally the filmers and photographers have a ton of spots or you see other people skate spots and then we try to find out where it is. Sometimes we look for spots or whatever but it’s hard nowadays, everything is found, escpecially around Southern California.

Nyjah Huston

Foto: Daniel Wagner

When a new big spot pops up, is it like that you have to go there and do a trick? That you can’t sleep until you did it?

I wouldn’t say I can’t sleep. In L.A. there’s a ton of big rails and spots in general. When something new pops up it’s not too big of a rush. Whenever I have a trick in mind in general I wanna go get it done.

Do you also go out and skate with your homies? Just rolling around the streets, or is there always a camera with you and you’re on filming- or photo-mission?

Normally if I wanna cruise I go skate in skateparks. But when I go streetskating there is always a camera.

Whats your take on recent trends in skateboarding? Stuff like Magenta or Lurk. Are you interested in this kind of skating or do you watch it?

Yes, I like watching all kinds of skating to be honest. It might not be my type of skating, I’m not the no-comply urban skater type of guy, you know, but it’s sick to watch. I’ve respect for all types of skateboarding: vert skating, pool skating, street skating – all that stuff is fucking awesome to watch.

Nyjah Huston
Lets talk about the Olympics. I think the final decission is made that skateboarding will be in the Olympics? What do you think about that?

I’m pumped on it, I’m super stoked. I’m looking forward for the time coming and hopefully be a part of it. I’ll be 25 at the time, I should keep myself healthy. I think it’s good for skateboarding. I’m always down for stuff like that to happen. It gonna help skateboarding to get bigger. I know a lot of people hate on contests like that or Street League or whatever but it’s bound to happen and I only see it as a good thing cause it’s creating opportunities for kids out there to fulfill their dreams and become a professional skateboarder. Parents see that and are like: "My kid’s skating, I should support it on that to get better."

You said you’ll be 25 when the Olympics take place. Wouldn’t it be better for you if skateboarding would have made it into the Olympics this year?

I’m not gonna say it would be better for me. I think I could definitely progress more when I’m 25, but if it was right now I’d be stoked.