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Nora Vasconcellos – Adidas Collection

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Nora Vasconcellos was the first female team rider for Adidas. Now she has sat down with the people from Adidas and designed her first own collection. For men as well as for women or women as for men. How ever you twist or turn it´s not just produced for one gender.

The collection consists of a 3MC with Nora´s name on its tongue. A fleece jacket in trendy yellow, two colourblocking pastel polo shirts, a lilac chino trousers and a handpainted watercolour T-shirt. Nora's love for flora-inspired colours is easily recognisable in her collection. Nora wants to cross the line of saying this is "only for men" or "only for women". That's why the complete range will be available from XXXS - XXL and from US 5,5 women/ US 4 men for shoes.

The collection will be available on October 17th. Check the link to get the stuff

If you want get more into what Nora is doing as a skateboard pro, check the link for the interview with her