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Noah Mahieu – Letters from Friends

We’re as tired as everyone else of talking about the pandemic, but unfortunately, it’s a fact that it has brought us restrictions that changed all our lives quite a bit. Especially travel restrictions. You probably haven’t even been skating just your neighboring city the last months. Therefore, we tried to gather some folks for our latest issue who have recently caught our attention or of whom we’ve been excited to see something new for a while and sent out smoke signals around the globe to see what they have been up to lately and bring you some impressions from outside your local scene.

Noah Mahieu



Photos: Clément Chouleur

Noah Mahieu Nosegrind tailgrab Bilbao 2 Chouleur

Nosegrind Tailgrab

1 What’s hot at the moment – 2 What’s not – 3 The hottest trick at the moment – 4 A trick you want to do – 5 How did your skating change through the pandemic – 6 Favorite video from 2021 so far – 7 The best thing about 2021 so far – 8 An insta account you recommend – 9 Skateboarding needs more… – 10 Haters be like… – 11 Last thing that got you stoked – 12 Favorite slang word in your posse – 13 Go to skatesnack – 14 No. 1 fashion item – 15 Dope local brand – 16 Best local video – 17 Local legend – 18 Local talent – 19 Best/Worst thing about your local scene – 20 Most hyped in your local scene at the moment – 21 Best time to visit your local scene – 22 Place you'd rather be – 23 First one who will sleep on your couch after the pandemic

Noah Mahieu Slappy nosegrind Le Dome Aout Chouleur

Slappy Nosegrind

Noah Mahieu Taildrop Bilbao Chouleur