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Nizan Kasper – Mémoires from the sea

The two Stanley We guys Christoph Friedmann and Nizan Kasper have cruised together with photographer Friedjof Feye in his motorhome year 84' for five days along the Baltic Sea (more precisely Lübeck, Wismar and the island of Poel - for the camping enthusiasts among you). Less "hardcore-send-it-banger-trip", but more "grill & chill" and good times despite bad weather. Together with Friedjof we published the trip in a zine (still available here) and adapted to the travel speed Nizan now delivers the clip afterwards. In times where incidences rather than airplanes are rising, this one really makes you want to load up the trunk with canned ravioli and stuff the crew on the backseat to explore local spots away from the city centers.