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New Homies: Tim Janke & Christoph Friedmann on Maiden Voyage


As skaters and especially since the beginning of Instagram, we are very much aware of who is out there, who’s cool with who. People mostly have their go-to homies, or even named crew to skate with. You meet a lot of people along the way, that will never get beyond the “Hi, what’s up?” stage. Every now and then through travel, events, brands, mutual friends new bonds are formed - and sometimes they’ll stick. These two gentlemen, Robotron’s Tim Janke & Clepto's Christoph Friedman, had just recently met before setting sail on a trip to Copenhagen and bro-ing out to avocado breakfast’s and back-to-back Bunt episodes.

Starting it off with something stylish: Powerslide through a patch of sun.

What trick would you steal from each others repertoire?

Tim: I think that would be his switch flips. Once we had a night session at Red Square where he did maybe ten switch flip switch mannies in a row and I could barely manage to get my switch flips up the manny pad.

Christoph: If I could I would grab back 360‘s on flat from him. I remember one evening at the Red Square I was filming him doing them and he did 10 text book ones in a row. Crazy pop too!

Very 2020: Christoph aims the camera at himself kickflipping through the time & space continuum.

Do you get along as roomies?

T: He’s a cool roomie, he introduced me to the bunt podcast, that we listened to every morning to get up. And I can remember he always had this crazy cream for better muscle recovery and stuff that made the room smell like a wellness spa that was pretty nice.

C: Tim is pretty chilled. Shows you some tinder matches in the evening & is down to get shit going in the morning.

Copenhagen's got a shit ton of spots, this one is long gone by this time. Fs Blunt to bomb.

Any memorable trip quotes or moments?

T: “Yaaa diiiig!”, or “Time for some grrrrrreeen cans” and other bullshit talking from The Bunt Podcast got used a lot.

C: I guess the quote would have to be „YE DIIIG“ ! Or once I asked him how he keeps his body in good form & he replied: „You just have to snack the whole day“. (laughs) We definitely had some good fun even though it was our first trip together. The swimming sessions in Nordhavn are for sure always memorable and we had some good times there.

Talking about curvy. Tim bends a Backsmith and fs Board.

Favourite CPH Spot?

T: Hard to tell! Copenhagen has got so many good spots and some of them are right by the water so you can go for a quick refreshment after the session or before you go hit the next sick spot that’s just around the corner. But if I had to pick one that would be Red Square because it has the smoothest flat ground I’ve ever skated, nice obstacles that you can move around however you like, a supermarket close by, lights, good vibes, a nice flatrail and on the weekends there is a lot of people with a big speaker partying in the skatepark just across the street, Macbastyle.

C: There are too many perfect spots in CPH. I prefer something that hasn’t been skated though to a more famous spot in general. @Ironspots will hook you up!

Curvy bs Tailslide, seems like Friedmann operates even better at heights.

Favourite CPH food?

T: We always had fire breakfasts with the healthiest shit, watermelon, strawberry’s, avocado, fish...

C: We were ballin hard for sure with our Insta-Foodblogger Poke Bowl for two days in a row!

Bottom's up & top down: Two rather unique angles on this fs Crooks Bomb & and fs Boardslide.

Hardest mission?

T: For me the most stressing battle I guess was at this spot, that we found randomly on the way. It was a building I think a kindergarten or school or something that was under construction and we had to hop the fence to skate it. We wanted to make it as fast a possible, get the tricks and then get out as soon as possible, because the police could see us from the street if they’d drive by. I just couldn’t manage to get my trick. Everybody already landed their stuff and I just couldn’t get the curve and roll down this bank because I always slipped away or rolled into the stairs or something. But we got it and didn’t get caught, all good!

C: Almost got beat up by a grumpy neighbour and his wife while doing a kickflip on a roof in front of their 2nd floor apartment. The was probably the most sketchy session.

The snacks and the flex, accurate representation.

Copenhagen cliché, biking into the sunset after a productive day.