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Michael Burnett “Full Blast“ Exhibition

Vans invited to London for an exhibition of Thrasher photographer and editor Michael Burnett’s best photos. He also brought Jake Phelps with him who hosted a bowl jam.

Bx0 T8890 Michael Burnett Jeron Wilson

Michael Burnett & Jeron Wilson

Michael Burnett aka Burnout gathered the best out of 20 years of his photography in an exhibition which was presented yesterday at the House of Vans. Besides his pics there were also some skateboarding artefacts such as Jaw's board from the huge melon down the Ali Boulala stairset, Jamie Thomas' Chris Hosoi board and one of Burnouts first ever cameras.

US homies we're in attendance such as Louie Barletta, Brandon Biebel, Jeron Wilson, Jamie Foy to name a few and Geoff Rowley made it back home to the UK as well. Then Marc Churchill started up the Q&A with Michael Burnett with many keen fanatics to ask him a few questions about his photography while working for Thrasher. The legends that are Lovenskate were screen printing throughout the night, bashing out limited edition Michael Burnett photo tees.

Phelps was on form for his birthday, absolutely hyped from free Pabst Blue Ribbon tinnies while the bowl jam went off. Ben Broyd flowed about ridiculously as usual and won the whole thing followed by Scotsman Saul Crumlish and Taylor Jones in third. Then the night was rounded off by some DJ'ing by Slam City legend Jagger.

If you missed the event yesterday you still can visit the exhibition till 8th of July at the House of Vans.