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SHRN – “Mercato di Soohotrightnow”

There is something about skaters from the south of Germany what makes them recognizable as skaters from the south of Germany. A special easyness in their style, an above-average friendly charisma and something that makes you think being where they are from is good for your soul. It's funny that this description probably also matches with the people of Sicily (at least in my imagination), because that's where the Soohotrightnow team went some months ago to bring their special spice to the Italian ground. It's a match!

With Ben Rappel, Conny Mirbach, Daniel Ledermann, Fiona Wessely, Joscha Aicher, Julezmeier, Manu Wolf, Marlon Lange, Michael Röckl, Pacel Khachab, Paul Zenner, Tim Griffel & Valentin Erlmeier.

Filmed & edited by Julian Lopez & Julezmeier.