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Mags – Solo x Vans “Greece Lightning”

It started as a normal Greece trip with some Vans riders but in the end Axel Cruysberghs, Robin Bolian, Albert Nyberg, Daniel Lutheran, Victor Pellegrin, Yeelen Moens, Joseph Biais, Val Bauer, Thanos Panou, Pepe Tirelli, Chris Pfanner and Dustin Dollin were going nuts and got so many tricks, that we decided to do a special mag in a special format just about the trip. 32 pages, big as a newspaper, full of bangers and with two different paperstocks. Get the Solo x Vans “Greece Lightning” mag shot by Davy van Laere at your local skateshop now or order it here!


“It’s on, Malakas!” TM Chris Pfanner wrote in the WhatsApp group, followed by a video of Billy Buck Roscoe. If you know, then you know our approach to this trip. You might also know that we’re not known as the Lonely Planet of skateboard publications, but once in a while, we do tour stories and sometimes the tours then turn out to be unexpectedly amazing, just like this one. Maybe I have been sitting in the office for too long, but I can’t remember ever witnessing a trip where the guys were more into it, chewing up spots like a hungry harvester devouring whole cornfields – and the spots were huge! In the dark, with a shitty run-up, double kinked and around the corner, with a landing on the sidewalk right next to a four-lane road with heavy traffic – sure, let’s go for it. No questions asked. This crew is like the one of a pirate ship. They have been on numerous adventures together and everything goes hand in hand by now. They know what to do, and while I write these lines, they are already on the road again in Russia. A hopefully always full Tom the Cooler will be with them as their compass to joy and happiness while they shout, “Fuck you, cunt” to each other, which basically means, “I love you.”