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Magenta – “Just Cruise 2” Mike Mag & Sergio Santoro

We first got in contact with Sergio Santoro and Mike Mag through Leo Valls and the Monstro do Rio project. It was love at first sight. We met at the release party in Berlin and spent some time together in Bordeaux (where they stayed during the summer of 2022 to film this part) and we were fascinated every time they came up with new trick ideas. Even though their style of skating is very different, you can feel the same inspiration and energy going into it. It feels like watching “Joga Bonito” (the beautiful game), the loose and free style of Brazilian footbal or as Mike says, his goal is to “make the board happy”. And how could the board not be happy when it’s treated with such love, style and creativity? Sergio and Mike eat and breath skateboarding and flirt with their boards all day long to stay in tune for their “Just Cruise 2” Magenta part. They definitely found the right rhythm.