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Magamaev Skateboards - yoyoyo

Witness the creative and powerful mix of skating from Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Sometimes, skate brands from Russia caught the attention of the western world. As Yurecc (Yura Panchenko) from Magamaev Skateboards sent us a video called "yoyoyo" (the one that just caught your attention), we asked ourselves: "Why only sometimes?". This country obviously has got a proper skate scene and brands, but brands like Rassvet by Gosha Rubchinski (read our interview with him here) and Absurd left some bigger marks. Watch the video below and take your time to read a small introduction of the small brand operating from St. Petersburg & Moscow.

While Yurecc sits in his hometown, visiting his family for holidays in the far east of Russia (close to the Chinese border), we had a quick chat about the journey of Magamaev, a brand he started with his homies in 2010. In the meanwhile he lived on the Chinese side of the border, skated the perfect spots, but got tired and ended up moving to St. Petersburg., the opposite, western end of the biggest country in the world. The other homies from the brand are located in Moscow, the bigger and hectic sister.

Solo Skateboard Magazine Magamaev Daniil Mazin fast plant

Daniil Mazin - Fastplant

Solo Skateboard Magazine Magamev Yura Panchenko hippie jump

Yura Panchenko - Hippie Jump

Even if Moscow has all the spots and even better ones than China right now, Yurecc says that he likes to stay in the less hectic and crusty St. Petersbourg with a way more tiny amount of spots. It seems that it's working quite good, if you look at his hippie jump that really reminded us of Sylvain Tognelli's one in the Atlantic Drift Hippie Jump episode.

Muslim Magomaev

The Russian Elvis - Muslim Magomaev

Well, you wonder why we put that picture of Muslim Magomaev, the Russian Elvis, here? We just googled what the brand's name means end ended up just finding articles about that guy (who is a famous singer in Russia). As we asked Yurecc about this, he laughed and the story behind the name is just a silly joke of his friend who kept saying "Magamaev", what could be understood as a mix of "Magamev", a popular last name in Russia and the last name of our beloved Russian superstar, who, unfortunately, passed away in 2008.

Photos by Ilya Kelarev