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Mac DeMarco Interview

Mac DeMarco right now is definitely one the favourite musicians in skateboarding. We met him on his recent tour at the Gebäude 9 in Cologne. And after the interview and the concert he told us a a few things more while  a social plate of sausages.

Eric Koston ignored him out of the first class once during a long-distance-flight although he was his favourite character in THPS. He had a brush with Jamie Tancowny back in his school time because Jamie was a notorious bully back then – like he told us later that evening while the common Jameson out of the bottle. You could think that Mac Demarco doesn't have the best relation to skateboarding but still his songs being played over and over in Skateboarding's very own music charts. No matter if Cory Kennedy, Bobby De Keyzer or Tyler The Creator, everybody loves the dreamy sound of the smoking Canadian. Reason enough to ask himself how it stands about him and Skateboarding. We visited him in occasion of his concert at the Gebäude 9 in Cologne and puffed away a Viceroy with him to sound him and this question out. Is Mac one of us?