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LXB Cup 2018


Two years ago a new skatepark opened in the heart of Luxembourg and after the first videos from the opening were online, a lot of skateboarders planned to visit it. The LXB Cup that takes places at the park was the perfect ocassion for us to check it out as well.

Organizer of the contest as well as driving force behind the park is Dan Gantrel who also runs the Olliewood skateshop in Luxemburg and was the man on the mic during the contest, heating up the crowd. And there were quite a lot of people, cause it was nicest summerweather and top level skateboarding. But the skating at a contest it not really what it’s about. Way more interesting is the fact that you can hang out pretty chill at the canyon where the huge park is located, that the atmosphere was mellow and the afterparty was fun. They think about hitting some of the many street spots in Luxembourg for next years contest to make it even more fun.


1. Simon Stricker

2. Matias Dell Olio

3. Aurelien Giraud