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Lorenz Rammelsberg - Instant Disassembly

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Lorenz is a good friend of us and that's why it's a very special honor to host his new video "Instant Disassembly". As this term is kind of abstract, but a central element of the video, we had a quick chat with him as we already had a bunch of good ones on the private side. Take a look at the Berliner's great choice of spots, his special approach to skate them and read the interview right after.

Hey Lorenz! When you watch your part, you often notice the "Instant Disassembly" graphic. Why does it appear?

I do a bit of art and I drew the figures myself, but before that and I put them in my Instagram story at some point. Instant Disassembly is a song by Parquet Courts. If you translate it literally it means something like "instant disassembly" and since the figures look so changeable it fit well. For me it's a bit about checking my own status again and again, to rearrange myself and to see if I'm on the right track.

Since the graphic is very personal, but also appears often: Would you understand it more as a reflection of yourself or as a message to the outside world?

I would not necessarily understand it as a message to the outside. Then I could have taken something like "Don't hate, medidate" (laughs). It's more like that describes the filming process for the part quite well. I became so perfectionistic in the process, got lost and didn't necessarily have so much fun anymore. I filmed something, but sometimes I wasn't happy after the session. That's why I questioned myself and sometimes reset or updated.

That fits to your part in any case. The clips, or spot and trick selection, look anything but like someone is getting lost. Where else do you get the inspiration to see skating through glasses like that?

So this instant disassembly is already a big thing. But it also comes from just knowing what I'm capable of and thinking about what I can get out of it and what hasn't been seen as much. So actually just taking a lot of time and thinking.

The part was shown for the first time in front of a big crowd. How did you experience the premiere as someone who takes a lot of time for himself, especially when skating?

I'm not someone who drinks a lot and is the drunk one at such a party, but the exchange gives me a lot, I celebrate that more than yelling at each other and telling each other how awesome you are (laughs). So it's not that I've never done that, but I just don't find it quite as cool. Sergio was also at the premiere among many other people who give me a lot in my life. It was awesome to stand there with him and see what you've worked hard for for a while. His own video also had its premiere that evening. That's why it couldn't have been more fitting for me, the evening was as perfect as it was.

Being drunk and instant disassembly probably doesn't work that well either, does it?

Good point! So if there really should be just one little message here, it's that you can take time for yourself when you need it and don't have to be at the start everywhere.

"I filmed something, but was sometimes not happy after the session. That's why I questioned myself and sometimes did a reset or update."

That can be difficult in Berlin! You moved from quiet Kiel to the capital. What would you call the pros and cons of Berlin and how do you manage the balancing act between hectic city life and instant disassembly?

Well, the biggest pro is definitely the possibility to live creatively. In Kiel it fucked me up that if you don't walk around completely normal, you're looked at like a bird of paradise. Contra is definitely that you can do everything here and are accepted, but you don't get much recognition, because everyone does something here. You get less warmth and appreciation here. When I moved here, I was a DJ and wanted to make a lot of music here. After two months I realized that it would be difficult if I was the one who played the thousandth set here. People in Berlin should just tell each other more about what they find cool about each other. But in order to get along here, you have to learn to be satisfied with yourself and to link that a little less to confirmation from the outside. That doesn't mean that you should just sit inside and read books, like (looks over to his shelf) an Indian book about self-discovery or something (laughs).

What's also noticeable is that there's quite a bit of footage outside of Berlin in the video. Where did you film everywhere and over what kind of time period?

I filmed the clips in Copenhagen, Sicily, Warsaw and Athens, where I did an internship for university. At this point again a shoutout to the NGO Free Movement Skateboarding, which do great work and help through skating to socialize refugee children. Oh and in Hamburg I was twice, I could then also visit mom (laughs).

Always important! Is mom proud?

She will see the part online! But thanks for everything to my mom. And if there is room for it: Thanks to all the people who supported me. Also to the people who filmed me and had such patience with me.