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Lisbon to Porto


The april weather in Portugal brought a lot more rain than expected. Gabriel Fortunato had a broken arm, Kevin Baekkel was worn out by a prior trip and the already injured Phil Zwijsen came only to chill with the guys (and he also filmed the official tour clip of this Monster Energy trip). They went from Lisbon to the Belmont Bowl to Porto. You see that the conditions for this trip were kinda suboptimal but in the end Kevin found some rails in XXL-format that he could hop on and Marek Zaprazny easily did a few of his tech-moves with the precision of a clock work.

Photos: James Griffiths


Marek Zaprazny – Treflip

Kevin Taildrop Fifty 2

Kevin Baekkel – Taildrop to 50-50

Kevin Nosegrind 2

Kevin Baekkel – Nosegrind

Marek Fs Flip 2

Marek Zaprazny – Frontside Flip

Kevin Fifty

Kevin Baekkel – 50-50

Kevin Tail Pop

Kevin Baekkel – Taildrop

Gabriel Ss Flip

Gabriel Fortunato – Switch Flip

Img 6749

Kevin Baekkel – 50-50 to Lipslide

Gabriel Ollie 2

Gabriel Fortunato – Ollie

Gabriel Ssollie 2

Gabriel Fortunato – Switch Ollie

Marek Nollie Fs Heel

Marek Zaprazny – Nollie Frontside Heelflip

Marek Nollie Bs Flip

Marek Zaprazny – Nollie Backside Flip


Kevin Baekkel – Feeble Grind