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Levent Efe - Hoodtape Vol. 2

Full-lengths filmed in a single city are something very special. Unlike videos for which you went on tour, they reflect the environment of the skaters and often capture the vibe very well. Frankfurt am Main, or FFM, is such a city with a very special flair: especially the word "rough" would describe the mood there best. Levent Efe has captured exactly that perfectly in his "Hoodtape Vol. 2" and portrayed quite well the interesting and to us especially known as a very "down-to-earth" scene. What his crew has in common with the Banks & Smith families from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and why they are greeted by loudspeaker announcements throughout the city, the filmmaker tells in a short Q&A.

What is the status of the application to rename Willy Brandt Platz to Timmi Brandt Platz? Have all the forms been filled out and submitted?

That's coming up next. Currently, the small square in front of the Burberry store on Goethestrasse is to be renamed "Easy Money Platz".

Besides the Frafimi (30 years+ crew) you are one of the few filmmakers in Frankfurt. How do you see the whole thing, are people from Frankfurt just too lazy or does Frankfurt prefer to remain underground?

Too lazy, haha. I think many people are more interested in skating themselves and don't want to watch all the hustle with a cam.

How is the crew in your video put together? Did it grow organically or were the guys mixed together by you?

Both. Some of them already existed as a crew, some came along and some I mixed myself. I've only filmed my homies so far.

What did a typical filming day in FFM look like?

Meeting at Willy, that's when you think of the best spots for missions. Getting bogged down at the first spot. Then attack the best snacks in the area. Continue to the second spot, which is usually a manny pad. In the evening back to the Willy and finish the day with a cool drink. Moritz tells the hot stories of the day to the younger ones at the lighter, haha.

Who delivered the best?

Employee of the month goes to Mr. Easy Money.

Who did you have to kick in the ass to get clips?

I won't say now, but the person knows he's meant, haha.

When you think of Frankfurt, you usually think of Hauptwache. The spot is really rough in all apects. You filmed quite a bit there. Can you provide us with a good Hauptwache story from that time?

The most famous train driver in Germany, aka the Bahn Babo (who introduces and exits the video) ran over the station, turned around and wanted to shoot the clip with us in which he does the splits and someone ollied over him. Since then he always greets us over the loudspeakers from the train when he sees us somewhere. As a 60-year-old guy, i'd like to be like this! Top guy and wider arms than the Terminator. But if you watch the video you will notice that the Willy became more and more the place to be this year.

Many kids in Frankfurt leave the harbor park only conditionally, do you think your video could contribute to that the kids also explore the city again a little more?

At least many have now made it to the Willy. I hope so, but I think everyone knows the convenience of going to the park. To all of you who want to get your bread and butter in the Streets; Keep your Spot clean and Securities are just doing their job.

Fitting to the end it's about the outro. It's cool how you based the music and editing style on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air". Who is "The Fresh Prince of Frankfurt"?

All of us together are like the Banks/Smith Family. I'm Jeffrey, haha.