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Jorge Simões - "Mixed Feelings" Remix

The Porto ambassador goes the creative way!


Normally, you see Jorge Simões skating big gaps, handrails and hubbas or doing super tech tricks on ledges a lot. As we watched the "Mixed Feelings" video by his local sponsor Kate Skateshop, we saw some different footage of one of the best, if not the best, skaters from Portugal. He takes it easy in this one and we really liked it. So, here you go! A remix of that clips by Lúis Moreira.

Jorge Smith Grind

Jorge Simões - Smith Grind by Lúis Moreira

Jorge Tre Flip

Jorge Simões - Tre Flip by Lúis Moreira

Stoked by Jorge's skating and Porto's spots? The filmers Lúis Moreira & Juan Salas filmed a lot ripping locals and spots in the "Mixed Feelings" full-length: