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Japan Issue Release Party

In October we went for three weeks to Japan together with Valeri Rosomako, Tjark Thielker, and Harrison Hafner. We visited Osaka, Kobe, and Tokyo and met loads of helpful locals who not only showed us the best spots or guided us through the cities but became a part of this issue. At the Iriedaily brand store in Berlin we finally were able to present the results of this trip.

Finding a reason for a party is pretty easy in general and releasing a new issue definitely counts. After all, you didn't slap yourself through the deadline not to celebrate at the end. We didn’t revolutionize the release party game but hanging out with friends in a chilled athmosphere on a Thursday evening isn’t that bad. Also there was sake, sushi, and beer and most importantly the photos from Masa and Marimo, the two photographers we worked the most with. Tjark Thielker also showed his snapshots from the trip, we had artworks by Hiroki Muraoka and we premiered Katsuhiro Abe’s tour video. If you couldn’t make it yesterday you can get a first glimpse into the new issue or order it here.