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Ishod Wair – Last Words

Ishod Wair wasn’t doing too good at the Barcelona Street League, but whatever. He’s not your typical contest skater – he’s a SOTY, so fuck it! We asked him a bunch of questions next to the street course.

What was the last text message you received?

A friend hit me up and was trying to get tickets to come in here.

Last movie you watched?


Last trick you learned?

I learned two days ago how to do front crook to switch 5-0.

Last trick you filmed?

I was trying to do a line with a backtail kickflip here in Barcelona, but I ended up just doing a line with just a backtail because it started to get dark and I was tired.

Last person you hugged?

I give a lot of hugs. It was definitely last night but I was pretty drunk so I don’t really remember the last person it was. It might be Torey Pudwill because I saw him right before I got back to the hotel and I gave him a handshake and was like: „Yo, what up?“

Ishod Wair

Last App you downloaded?

Bitmoji. I haven’t used it yet but I downloaded it.

Last time you thought: „No matter what – I’ll do this!“?

Oh last week! In New Jersey when I was skating this rail. Destroy!

When was the last time you said: „Last try“?

I say that all the time to make me land shit. „Alright, last try!“ I try it, miss and I'll be like „last try!“. And I miss it again and I'll be like: „Ok, last try!“

What was the last photo you took?

It was in the cab last night. I was fucked up and bought a 40$ shot. It was like 36 years old. Some whiskey and I zipped it for a little bit and I was getting rush and slammed it and almost threw up. And I'm like: „I'm fucking not throwing this 40$ shot up!“ And then I took this picture.

Last time you wore a tie?

Probably two months ago. I just felt like wearing a whole suit. Just on a random day, I was bored and didn't know what to do so I just put a suite on. I had to go home and see my mum and I just wanted to look nice so I put a suite on.

Last time you worried about skateboarding and why?

I worry about skating all the time, but for different reasons. The last time was probably yesterday. Some things are questionable in skating.

"I just felt like wearing a whole suit"

Last album you bought?

Stevie Ray Vaughn. I don’t remember the album but it was the dopest one he has.

Last time you were perfectly relaxed?

Three days ago when I got out of the sauna and got into a cold shower. It feels like you get reborn. So hot in the sauna and then you get into regular temperature water and you just start to scream. It feels so good.

Last car you drove?

My car, it’s the one on my board. It’s a BMW E 30 and I got a E 36 M3 Engine swapped into it so I just do donuts and shit. Ripping around in that thing is so tight! I got two of them. I got one in California and one in Philly and they both have M3’s in them. They are quick.

A gift you got last christmas?

My mum gave me a bunch of framed photos of the family. And that really brought a tear in my eye.

When was the last time you met Eric Koston?

We did a Nike trip in Hawaii. Good times!

Any last words?

Good vibes all around. Stay positive!

Ishod Wair