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Olliewood – In Contrast.

The time has come. After many month of hard work, with an anniversary party, a book release & two videos, the stress is finally over for Dan Gantrel & Nico Uhler. Everything went well and we at last we got the two videos online that both of them worked so hard on.

For the 20th shop anniversary they had to make a video, but "In Contrast." is not only your standard video. It is about the change that happened in the time of 20 years as the title already tells and is one half of two videos that really stand in contrast to each other.

The second video shows 20 years of skate history in Luxembourg. Sounds like a special topic... and so it is. It was a huge and interesting work for Dan & Nico to get their hands on all the footage. In our interview with them you'll get all information about the video and the work they put into it.