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How To : Instaclips

The year 2021 has just started and spring is around the corner. Time to brush up on your Insta-edit skills, so you can take the the gram by storm.

Step 1: Learn from the masters!

Bobby Bils:

If you want to mingle with the TikToks kids, you need your stuff to be seen in the reels. One way to go about it is what we’ve been seeing from Bobby Bills. Apparently the ultra slow mo skate edit is having a come back, if you can’t tell if it’s real or the intro to the newest Tony Hawk Game, you’re doing it right.


Fast, aggressive and catering to a new generation of audience whose attention span must not be messed with! Don't waste a second. Bonus points if it's scored with Heitor singing Karaoke!


Not your average Insta Filmer per se, but his HD 4:3 setup, that scales from square to 9:16 if you feel like stepping up from the iPhone game and play with the big boys.


Maybe in front of the camera is not where you belong, but if you’ve got the brains to make something creative, this could be your way to go.

The Tools:

The iPhone:

Let’s be honest, any phone these days will do, but chances are you have an iPhone. There’s not a lot of settings to keep an eye on, but for smooth slowmo’s you want to make sure you get that 60p!

Clip On Fish:

As gadgety as they come, but if you are not on the newest iPhone and need that wide angle look, it may be your way to go.


The One-Man-Show, fro when the homies aren’t around. If you want to get those creative angles, but got no homies, these bad boys attached to practically anything to avoid the “phone on the ground leaned against the wall” look from every parking garage session anyone’s ever shared.

The Gimbal:

Go Ty Evans on them! Closest you can get to bringing Hollywood into Skatefootage. One of these, and you skateboard make for never ending dolly tracks.

The Drone:

This one is for if you're willing to go all the way to stand out from the crowd in 2021 with them aero-angles.

Step 3: The Apps


Super 8 is the shit, but damn that stuff is expensive to film and digitise. Since it’s not a real skate clip if there is no analog-looking opening shot to it, this app may help you achieve that 1950’s look you want.

The Editing:

If iMovie doesn’t cut it for you (pun intended), you may want to try Splice. Remember first trying to figure out how to do ramped Slow-Mos in a cracked version of After Effects? This app got you covered!

The Music:

Nobody owns their music anymore, and the iTunes app is obsolete on both Mac and iPhone, so you may need to source your music in other ways and steal it like we stole the image above. One good way is a youtube converter and airdropping the mp3 to your phone's files, or simply screen record your Spotify and cut out the video track in your editing software.

More accesories for the extra claim to fame:

TOMO Grip:

Your brain has already been wired to see flames on a grip and immediately think of tech skating on trap beats, so why not buy into the hype?


This is the ultimate goal. Find the best fit and if your DMs go, “What pants are those” you know you're about to go viral!

Step 4: The Post

The instagram algorithm decides who gets to see what and at which time of day. You can get some more initial views by posting around noon or late afternoon, instead of when you’re done editing at 3 am. Hashtags don’t do a lot so drop using #checkmesb, for the shier aesthetics.