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Helride technically only took place on friday, but the follow-up events "Sodervik Mastare" and "Koff Race" tied the whole weekend together into one huge skateboarding party. Most of us haven’t seen crowds this large for the longest time, but take it from us: You’ll quickly find comfort in it again. A massive shoutout to all the organizers, the finnish locals and the international crowd for making this year's Helride one so special! Takeaways from this year: Skateboarding rules, mobbing the street hundreds deep is fun as hell, and Brazilians will never stop partying!

FA Helride DSC 2188

Kevin Baekkel Melon

FA Helride DSC 2227

Kevin Baekkel Boardslide Hippie Jump

FA Helride DSC 2272

Bruno Senra Shifty Flip from the hidden kicker

FA Helride DSC 2336

Bruno Senra Noseblunt

FA Helride DSC 2443

Tom Remillard going for the furthest grind

FA Helride DSC 2553

Joao Alves Footplant

FA Helride DSC 2771

Tom Remillard & a local

FA Helride DSC 2716

Ville Lepistö & someone less lucky

FA Helride DSC 2830

Going fast

FA Helride DSC 2852

And taking the trophy!

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