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“Gizmo” video premiere

To overstrain the legendary The Clash album one last time: London was once again calling and because of (warning, a second reference): “Gizmo”. Does anyone still know Gremlins? But Gizmo wasn't only the name of the fluffy thing that pops out little monster if it comes in touch with water. It was also Elissa Steamer’s nickname as a child. Now the first Nike skate video with female teamriders only is named Gizmo as well. Editor Jason Hernandez was the only one to bring some Y-chromosome into the mix. Now it was premiere time.

The place of the happening was the rooftop of a parking garage, equipped with lots of stuff to play with. Somehow liken at a childs birthday party but for adults. Curling, Baseball, Minigolf – even a Virtual Reality Table Soccer was there. The girls staring in the video, namely Lacey Baker, Leticia Bufoni, Sarah Meurle, Josie Millard, Nicole Hause, Aori Nishimura, Hayley Wilson, and Rayssa Leal, as well as the the riders that were in town for Street League and the the lucky ones on the guest list had a great time. Especially after the ride back to the hotel was with a karaoke-bus.

If you didn’t make it to the premiere you should check one of the shop premieres taking place or you can wait till the 28th of May, when the video goes online.