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"GEHT DENN" by Leon Moss

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Leon Moss unites the best of the Berlin skate scene & friends from different parts of Germany and we are asking ourselves where Leon Charo-Tite will be in two years if he keeps progressing like that (get stoked by his clips in this one and then revisit his interview from our issue #44).

With Jun Kummer, Yannick Zhou, Julian Ruhe, Leon Charo-Tite, Willow Voges Fernandez, Kai Hillebrandt, Roland Hirsch, Moritz Alte, Luc Ferry, Daniil Klercz, Danny Sommerfeld, Ilja Judizki, Pasquale Grispo, Denny Pham, Lukas Rosen, Florian Nass, Niklas Speer von Cappeln, Kalle Wiehn, Max Geiselbrechtinger, Dani, Kevin Vietzke, Lori, Sergio Ben Mario, Marc Kovermann, & Niklas Nickes.