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Felipe Bartolomé – rain, good friends, too much speed, ripped pants, and hella weed

Felipe got these photos on a San Francisco trip. He’s generally down to travel at any time. You can find out what else is up with Felipe by looking at these words of his friend Juan Virues and with a little word-association game.

Felipin! What can I say, he’s one of a kind, definitely one of the wildest around. Felipe is the type that will get you hyped to skate during the night or to go partying and get wasted till the next day. He’s pure and he will be down for any plan as soon as he’s feeling it. I’ve been learning a lot from him during the past years, had a lot of fun. When it comes to conversation/skating, he has his own way, his own vision, and reality! He brings a nice point of view. Also, it’s very impressive watching him charging. He doesn’t care about being tired, drunk, or a lil bit injured, he’s beast! He will be joking between tries or motivating you while you’re trying to commit. He’s a solid one, he will be honest with you, straight. He’s the man.

– Juan Virues

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A way to live, feel, meet, and grow, also something to keep going forever.

Long wallrides

Jake Johnson’s double set wallride in Mind Field.


Long time inspiration, fun, Krooked Eyes.


My good homie Roger Gonzalez switching from shooting 3D photos of half-naked women to shooting us skating for Carhartt. We fucked up the photos a couple times because of these shitty cameras but made it work.


I see zines as a way to organize my life, which I try to record on pictures. Computer photo folders make no sense, so I try to make PDFs out of every new thing that happens.


The only zines I ever got to print. It’s a set of two zines that come together in a paper envelope and portray my memories of a couple trips I did to Paris by the end of 2017.


Again, a way to portray my life, my memories, my way to see. Friends, people, places, partying, architecture, bullshit photos, broken cameras.


For me, they’re something to play with. It’s fun to shave crazy shapes on your head and I really like them the ugliest possible. That’s their beauty.


Been stoning forever. It’s something that’s part of me already and also a battle between laziness and creativeness.


Found love, friendship, and basical­- ly happiness. Some of the very best times of my life. Went there for twelve days but stayed three months. Would’ve stayed forever though, but life had me back to Madrid. Will come back.


Bad life, meeting point, madness, endless.


Endless nights at my friend Kruman’s watching one after another till the sun comes out. It’s also a good way to finish your days and chill for a bit before sleeping.

"Mexico. Some of the very best times of my life."


I felt fancy when looking at the Carhartt catalog and started wearing these guys. They’re such a goodie for winter nights out too.


Another way to see, feel, discover, meet, etc. Doing tricks is the smallest part of it for me. Speed, freedom, and self control are some of the best feelings to come out of it.

Nail polish

I started painting my nails because of Harry [Lintell]. He was doing it and painted mine once. Since then, I stopped biting my nails, but only when I have them painted. This, plus feeling fancy made me paint ‘em till now, always stealing them colors off my friends’ girlfriends, and since Mexico doing the permanent ones in the street markets.

Drop in

Drop in everything you see!!

One Star World Tour

Heaviest heat I skated under. New good friends, getting to know the states, and really good vibes.

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Fucking master Mario Fortea doing his thing and portraying his style in a skate video. Old times but great times.

Weird Dimension

It’s some kind of the previous version of Sucubo, also by Mario Fortea. I feel like, at this point, he hadn’t developed his style yet but was very close to finding his true self.


Moving with the board like if it was a part of you.

White Jeans

White jeans become so beautiful when they’re really dirty. There’s some interesting pleasure in wearing white clothing. Skating and using it for the whole day and coming back home all dirty as fuck. I guess it makes you re-feel what you’ve been doing and somehow being proud of it.

Rural areas

Only good for a short time. It’s always nice to discover them and spend some time, but they can become boring. I need the rush of the city.


Tangram is a homies collective we use in order to live and create out of it. We have been traveling and made a video recently, also a zine with everyone’s photos in it, and there’s much more to come soon.

Juan Virues

Viru or Virutilla, as I like to call him, is my good friend and adventure partner. We’ve been together on most of the Cons trips and share affinities like photography. He’s from southern Spain and such a funny and interesting guy. Miss you, Virutilla.

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Roll In 5-0


Love is the most powerful feeling. Somehow, it guides your life and thinking. I think I let myself flow through the love and when it works out, I really feel happy. Also, I think it’s important to note that love is everywhere, friends, family, nature, shared feelings, and life basically. It can be hard sometimes, but I think this is what we need in order to be happy.

San Francisco

Rain, good friends, too much speed, ripped pants, and hella weed.


Everyone killing it on Tinder dates, rooftops with Viru, and crazy police security. They knew us all over the city.


Went there with the Popcorn and Sevenmad homies and caught up with the Ko Tokyo guys. We didn’t sleep in beds at all, so we fell asleep anywhere, anytime. Trains, parks, or restaurants. We kept the fun going, it’s great memories


Crazy cold, getting drunk every night next to the fire. Made really good friends and the most expensive food ever.


For long periods of time, I haven’t had a home. Usually, I feel like I don’t have one even though I’ll always have a place to sleep at my parents. I like to travel and get lost for as long as possible, so obviously, I sleep on a different sofa every time even when I’m not traveling, but then again, sometimes you can find a place where you have this feeling of being home, and it’s wonderful. In my case, I found it in Mexico. All the love around me made me feel home even though I was just cruising through at the beginning, but then it became home.

Board shape

Big and comfy boards, squared tail, and wide pointy nose. Also, a bit wider on the front truck area sounds great.


Slams are good, make you feel alive. When in SF, I took a nice one while trying to follow the guys down the hills, but it was too fast for me. My whole pants were ripped and my leg was all bloody, but I stood up feeling alive as fuck. Slams are good to learn about life.


Tattoos are like scars. For me, they are a way to represent my state of mind and leave, little by little, my own story written on my own body. Maybe only you yourself can read and understand it though.

Skating on no sleep

Skating, living, creating, partying, flying, going on tour, skate all day, falling asleep anywhere. Non-stop living.

Drawing eyes

For me, eyes mean who we are. I think we are who we are because of our experience, so I draw this sign mechanically.

WhatsApp voice messages

Such a practical way to communicate while you are busy. Also, a way to express yourself better. Sometimes really lazy about it (two-minute notes usually happen when you’re not really saying much), also pretty funny for others when not in Spain.


Best homies for life, family, fun, and more fun. Love ‘em as fuck.

Danny Sommerfeld

Fucking great artist, good friend, super funny, miss him.


No spots, hills and random street skating. Everything is a spot.

Go-to trick

Such a mindfuck or the biggest and most natural hype.


My fucking knee. I have a torn meniscus at the moment.


Sometimes injuries, sometimes sofa, TV-series marathon, and doobies. Sometimes no time to chill never.

Professional skateboarding

Meeting people, knowing places, friends, and opportunities towards the good and happy life.


Boring, nervousness, crowded.

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5-0 Transfer


Must be black with some cuts or graffiti on it.


Is my Barcelona dad. Him and Julia, his girlfriend and my mommy, and his dog and cat are my bros. They have always been taking good care of me. Smashing his sofa forever and having the best times together, if u ever cruise through Dani, get ready to laugh for hours.


Our meeting point, our homies work in this bar and it’s in central Madrid, so we’re always chilling or raving in it.


Mad is where I was born and grew, a really nice place to be. Love the plazas and the cool vibe all around. Don’t ever go during midsummer though, you’ll burn your ass off.

Switch flip

Mission impossible.



Bomb Drop

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Bomb Drop