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Feelsgood Crew - "feels2good"

Along with the scrapbook-style article about the "feelsgood" crew, put together by Abel Kleinblatt and published in SOLO 44 by Maite´, we're proud to present "feels2good", a clip starring the Antwerp-based crew by early-grab aficionado Arthur Le Duc!

Featuring the talents of Donald Huycke, Logan Da Silva Ortiz, Yannes Van Den Brande, Nathan Wilhelm, Daan Schiltz, Jeff Vander Veken, Alex Raeymaekers, Oan Vanhacerbeken, Wannes Derycke, Maité Steenhoudt, Marsel Marazzani, Yannick Goris, Yeelen Moens, Mitch Avonts, Abel Kleinblat, Tomas De Keulenaer, Mauro Posson & Arthur Le Duc.

Check out the "feelsgood" article below!

Accompanying the article, Abel also shared his process behind the making-of & laying out of the piece!