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Euro-SB 2019

I learned two things about Duisburg this weekend. First: Sinalco is from Duisburg. And second: A local from Duisburg collected 23.000 Euro bottle deposit at this years "Rock am Ring" festival. The purse at the Euro-SB contest wasn't that high but a few notes (10.000 to be correct) did go out to the boys and girls.


Rob Rouleaux & Mark Frölich

If you skip the pre-quali (which is always a good idea) the contest started with a secret mission at the Olga Rails. These rails already witnessed many battles and slams. Some more should follow. Especially Diego Fiorese and Adrien Bulard threw themselves down the 12/16 combo. First it was about lines then about the single tricks. Diego did a boardslide with a following feeble on the big rail and Adrien worked hard on a blacktail at the "small" rail but after he didn't got the trick he went for a backlip at the big one. Sorry but my camera battery was already empty at this moment. Nevertheless I managed to capture the trick of the day for our Instagram story: A drop off the Titus van by Ruben Lücke which at this point also disappeared into the digital Nirvana. As we say it: long life print...


Diego Fiorese – Boardslide


Diego Fiorese – Feeble Grind


Jan Hoffmann & Jost Arens

Saturday was packed with quality runs (inside the hall) and the hurly-burly of the Ruhr Games with Judo, Motorcross, High Jump, Speed climbing, BMX and a lot more (outside). Everything embedded in the "Landschaftspark Duisburg" (Too late fun fact number three about Duisburg: It seems to be one of the most beautiful city parks in the world) between blast furnaces and other metal stuff. The second day ended with a best trick contest at a rail which Adrien Bulard won with a Varialflip Frontboard Shuv-It. Sadly I again got no photo for you. And also no rose. But there was an Insta story. Those who know, know.

After all this there was a skate video night that transferred into a party. But the Ruhr Games organizers definition of party is a slightly different than the skateboarder’s definition. While DJ Mad worked on the turntables the time flew by and the lights got turned on. The night hasn't even started and the beer pull was empty. The growing displeasure was professionally prevented with cable ties and pushing by the lokal police. (No Insta story for this one but I guess Luther has something to say about the topic.) All curbs are beatiful, right?


Bartosz Ciesielski – Backside Lipslide


Video Night

Last day. The beer emergency was still a topic but Gentsch stayed cool and prevented the worst case scenario. But anyway, why we were here again? Ah yes, it was finals day. To make it short I tweak Gary Lineker quote: "A Skatecontest is a simple thing. People flip boards across the streetcourse and in the end Alex Mizurov wins the whole thing" (or Candy Jacobs). And there comes the question are they now the official European Champions? What this a European championship? But in the end it doesn’t matter anyway, cause would you want to tell everyone that you're the European Champion in something all the time? That would be annoying. But besides that: You should keep the name Alex Elfving in your mind.

At the very end it was barrel jump time. This time the supply situation with beer barrels was excellent. More barrels than competitors which was way too much for some people. After it the prize-giving ceremony followed (click here if you want to know who won) and it was a wrap.


Denny Pham


Justin Sommer


Tonje Pedersen – Ollie One Foot


Alex Elfving – Backside Nosegrind


Collateral Damage


Bruno Senra – Frontside Flip


Candy Jacobs – Crooked Grind


Alex Elfving & Helge Tscharn at work


Roos Zwetsloot


Nosegrind Backside Revert


Alex Elfving – Nosegrind


Alex Mizurov – Nollie Crooked Grind

The next event is coming soon: See you at the "Männerabend" (Bro Night). Will be sick!