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The 2er Dimension

A Documentary

[Edit: Gian Luca Kropp]

It all started with a simple ledge in the summer of 2007. A couple of enthusiasts wanted to build their own spot in the sleepy town of Hanover and set a cornerstone for something that got much bigger than just housing a couple of grinds. The ledge quickly grew into this huge DIY park, which gained attention under the name of “2er” and had the honor to host the first ever “Builders Jam”. This turned into DIY skatepark building projects in India and Bolivia, eventually coming to be the NGO Make Life Skate Life. 2er itself became a place that’s about much more than skateboarding since it provides a platform for the most diverse creative projects to unfold. In addition, they annually have the (by now legendary) “2er on Fire” festival, which took place for two full weeks for the parks tenth anniversary.

Read the whole 2er story here.


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