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Lust for Life – Sam Partaix Portfolio

During this interview Sam Partaix was having breakfast in a kitchen in Bordeaux. He was on his way to Paris, which is quite common for him. Actually, the Frenchman who was formerly residing in Berlin and now lives in Biarritz (cause besides skating, surfing is another one of his passions) is more of a traveler.

That’s why his photography gives impressions from all over the world taken from the perspective of a permanently positive human being who goes with the flow and knows how to enjoy life. A bit nomad, a bit hippie, a bit artist, a bit surfer and 100% skater, that’s Sam Partaix and that mixture makes his pictures that interesting. In the photos he brings home from his countless trips, you can feel his lust for life.


We were going to a party and she just put down the dress for fun and I was driving in front of her and thought: “I need to take a picture of that.” The picture is pretty spontaneous. We did a photo series with Antiz and I sent them some photos and they said: “This one with the tits is good!” Then I broke up with her and realized, oh shit, the board is coming and called Antiz to cancel the boards, but they were already made.

It was pretty hard, when everyone told me they want the board with my girlfriend and I had to tell them: “She’s not my girlfriend anymore…”

When I really started to do pictures from trips and put them on my blog, it was before Facebook or Instagram, the thing was, I was always travelling and my friends were not. They said I should do something, so that they can see my pictures, because I was the lucky one to travel. It was kind of a souvenir.

Just let it go and it will happen. If you force something it will not happen. And you have to hang out with some crazy people as well. Then a lot of crazy shit will happen.

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