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Whoever has been on a skate trip with the homies or with a skate team knows it. You are chased from spot to spot and there is hardly a breather. Nevertheless, the empty skater stomach must sometimes be filled. Best still for a small coin. You always need something quick to hand so that homie XY doesn't have to wait until he tries his trick at the next spot. For this we have taken a few classic skate cities and listed the "traditional" skater food for each.



Starting with Istanbul, the biggest city in turkey, is a really good place to skateboard and also one of the best cuisines to eat. Here we chose the mussels with lemon, which you can get at almost every corner for 10-40 cents per mussel. For skaters a rather unusual food but that makes it so special.



Next stop the world-famous classic in Barcelona: the Bocadillo. A baguette with different toppings that you can get at any bakery and make yourself in a pinch. Our secret tip for this is the store "Bo de B" near Barceloneta. The sandwich costs 4-5 euros there, but at any other bakery you can get it for 3€.

New York City


In New York City, of course, we couldn't think of anything other than the $1 pizza slices. If you don't go to the deli for a bagel, you eat one of those pizza slices almost every day. You can get them at every corner and they always taste good.

Los Angeles


Los Angeles, the city of unlimited possibilities. Here you can even order things that are not on the menu. The "Animal Fries" to your Double Double Menu at IN&OUT Burgers. The menu is a bit more expensive at $6.70, but if you're ever in America you might as well treat yourself.

São Paulo


Brazil, Sao Paulo. Here you get corn on the hand. Sometimes in whole form and sometimes the corn seeds are cut down and you can spoon it directly. A very healthy and nutritious snack for in between that is also with 1$ good for your wallet.



Last but not least, the kebap in Berlin. Everyone knows a normal kebab, here there are many different and especially the really good. The vegetable kebap. This is like a normal kebab only with grilled vegetables and your choice of herbs, cheese and lemon on top. Here is considered an insider tip, of course, Mustafas Gemüsekebap on Warschauer Straße. We as a personal tip would recommend the Gemüse Kebap&Friends directly across the street.

Here again everything summarized so that you can create an overview.

Bon appétit !


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