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Elijah Berle – Last Words

He came into the skate scene in a trunk. Elijah Berle made it from the Trunk Boys times to his own signature shoe. We took this an occasion to get some last words of the 24 year old.

What did the last text message say that you received?

Sacramento spot book from Matt B.

Last trick you saw that blew your mind?

Tyshawns Ollie over the subway station in BLESSED.

Last movie you watched?

Pulp Fiction.

Last thing that made you laugh?

This morning i was walking to get coffee and a bird flying bye dropped an oyster out of the sky to break it open and then came down and started eating it.

Last trick you filmed?

Monster Children ollie cover.

Last thing that confused you?

The bird from this morning.

Last person you hugged?

My girlfriend.

Last time you wore a tie?

My friends court date that went to prison.

Last meal you had?


Last video game you played?

Couldn’t tell you.

Last time you partied?

My shoe release party.

Last museum you visited?

The "Met". (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

"Jpay is an app I can talk to my friend in prison."

Last app you downloaded?

Jpay, an app I can talk to my friend in prison.

Last time you met Eric Koston?

We were skating in LA and he drove by and saw us and pulled over and hung with us for a while.

Last time you thought: „No matter what, I’ll do it?“

Usually every time I try a trick.

Last album you bought?

“Towthousand Nakteen” by Na-Kel Smith

Last time somebody was proud of you?

When my shoe came out.

Last holiday you went to?

Big Sur California, camping.

Last time you were perfectly relaxed?

On the beach in Mexico.

Last christmas you got what gift?

A surfboard.