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Elijah Berle

Berle Pro featuring Vans WaffleControl

After Elijah Berle won Tampa AM in 2010, the young skater from Santa Monica, California, went steeply uphill and everyone had him on the glider. Now he even brings out his first pro model for vans and talks a little about his shoe, which will be released on 09.02.2019.

Elijah Berle's style is simple, trendy and fits any terrain - just like his new Vans Signature Shoe. To stand as safe on the board as Elijah does, the new Vans Waffle Control promises an even better board feeling and grip when riding. So if you're looking for a timeless yet effective shoe, don't miss the Elijah Signature Shoe. To complete the outfit, the matching shirts are also provided, which come in a simple look and with a breast pocket.