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Eetu Toropainen Interview


Eetu is some kind of a wunderkid. That’s what I thought about him on the first trip we went on together. When I first saw him skating, everyone else and I were crazy impressed. Coming out of the cold of Scandinavia with the most insane pocket of tricks and one of the best styles to roll a skateboard with, Eetu will always blow people’s minds. If not minds, he’ll blow up every spot, just for fun. On and off the board, he is the G. Sometimes a bit quiet but always down for a party! When I asked Eetu to bleach his eyebrows for the poster, a few hours later, his eyebrows were blond. He was the very first one to do it. I feel very lucky to have met him and to be able to call him my friend. I think the world isn’t fully ready for what Eetu will do to it, maybe it will never really be. (by Maité)

Are you in Finland?

Yeah, it’s pretty cold, like plus one degree.

Are you still able to skate outside?

You can, but it gets dark at four.

During winter, do you snowboard or ski?

I snowboard but not that much and I’m not good, I can’t do any tricks. I do some poser grabs.

So you prefer to go skating indoors?

Yeah, there are a few good indoor parks, but they’re all packed.

How was last year with COVID?

No skatepark was open, so we only skated parking garages, but then the garages were as packed as the skateparks. At the end of the winter, the people from the garages put sand on every floor.

Eetu ollie over everything fullres helsinki 3

Ollie over everything

Are you still studying?

No, I graduated from a business college in spring.

I heard you were a trainee at your local skate shop before.

But that was just for half a year.

How was the experience?

It was nice and pretty chill. Nobody asked for a grip job.

Since you graduated, you live off of skateboarding. So you just wake up and go skate?

Basically, yeah. The dream.

Any trips coming up?

Me and the homies are going to Las Palmas.

Are you filming there for the part you’re working on?

That’s the Carhartt WIP part that I only filmed in Finland all summer. We’ll go to Las Palmas once the part is out. In Finland, we went on a two-week camping trip with the van.

Eetu gap to crooks

Gap to Crooks

You also went on a trip with Justus, Maité, Aleksi [Suovaara] and Samu [Karvonen] on a boat.

Yeah, we went to the islands around Finland, it’s good there in summertime. Justus makes a book project about skating the islands. He looks for the spots in wintertime – goes through Instagram hashtags and tries to find rock trannies and stuff.

Do you always go skating by boat or how does a normal session look like? Do you go by bike, car, or board?

In the city, we use bikes and if we go further, we go by car.

Do you have any other hobbies besides skateboarding?

I ride my bike.

Do you play video games?

A little bit but not that much anymore. In the wintertime.

In Finland, you must have a lot of time to think about new tricks during the winter.

Spring is the best when all the spots open and you think about what you gonna do there.

Soloskatemag Eetu Toropainen Lip

Ollie up & Kickflip / Lipslide

What’s your favorite city?

It would be Helsinki, but also Paris.

And Milano for the big ledges?

Oh yeah! The smoothest ledges in the world.

You don’t live far from Helsinki, right?

Ten minutes with the train.

Is it a good city for skateboarding?

Yeah, it has a lot of skaters and there’s the HELride. Samu organizes it.

Do you use Google Maps to find spots?

Not really, we just go by bike and Justus knows all the spots.

Is Helsinki a new city with spots growing everywhere or is it an old city where there’s barely any space for new spots to get built?

In Helsinki, you’ll get a few new spots every year but not too many.

Eetu toropainen earlygrab mute under the pole

Earlygrab Mute

And what’s up with Nike?

All good. I’m getting shoes.

Are you gonna be in the Olympics in Paris in 2024?

Maybe in the crowd.

We could go there, have some beers, and talk shit on Nyjah and Jagger. A friend of mine got the Nyjah shoe and we’re always laughing at him.

I just tried them for the first time a few days ago. It’s a pretty good shoe, but you get too much Nyjah vibes when you skate them. A pretty technical running shoe.

Are you coming to the release party of the Maité issue on the 10th of December?

That’s one day before my birthday. [We had to postpone the party to the 17th. Sorry Eetu…, editor’s note]

You have to come! You also just dyed your eyebrows.

It was a few weeks ago, so they’re almost back. When I did it, it looked like I didn’t have any eyebrows. It was crazy.

You never dyed your hair?


Eetu wallride


What did your mom say when you dyed your eyebrows?

She was looking at me, saying, “You don’t look the same.” When Maité texted me about that, I was on the train, and ten minutes later, I was in the shop buying the dye.

You can add some color now.

I like it, it looks good.

Last question: would you rather drink coffee or tea?


Just water?

Just water.

What are you doing after this?

I’ll eat.

You’re still vegan?

No, but I did it for a few months. You have to know how to do it, otherwise you’ll be tired or hungry all the time.

I was trying a vegetarian diet at some point…

No McDonald’s.

Oh fuck, I do it a lot. I love McDonald’s breakfast.