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DIY Spot Hamburg


Parks, spots and shops - Hamburg has a lot to offer for the local scene, with the Florabowl there is even a well-known DIY spot. Unfortunately it's already 20 years old and not in top condition anymore. Now a bunch of locals want to supplement all this with another DIY park and have already started to build parts of a bowl.

It all started in one night under a bridge in the Veddel district, where a couple of locals got together to build their own DIY Park. The result is a sculptural strip. Night action and a few locals at first don't sound like a mixture that creates such an interesting ramp of this size. But the fact that things got off to such a good start is due to the fact that the nearly ten guys have some experience in building parks. So far so good. There were enough motivated helpers, but how far do you get in building a DIY Bowl if you don't have enough concrete? Not very far. That became clear to the boys quite quickly and now they are open to any donation with the goal of 2600€ for two full concrete mixers.

Here anyone can donate, who wants to support the guys.

Since the weather is unfortunately too bad for building, the boys are busy organizing parties and photo exhibitions to fill the donation box. The property has now been approved by the city, so that the location will soon be made public and everyone can drop by.