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Disco Skateboarding in Laax

When you have a club, that’s empty during the week and wooden walls, glued with skatemags – what do you do? Sure thing: a skate session! If that’s not the first logical connection that pops up in your head, I’ll give you some context. In Laax in Switzerland they don’t only snowboard, they also have built a skatepark on a mountain. Probably the highest skatepark in Europe. And during last summer they hosted a skatesession on old snowboard obstacles. During our stay there, the idea popped up to expand working together to the upcoming Team Trouble and create a zine for it. Doing the zine was great fun but shit happened at the print shop – so in the end we had to print it again. Since we didn’t want to throw away all the mags already delivered to Laax, photographer Alan Maag and his Team Trouble crew came up with the idea to glue the pages on the walls of the event for decoration. And now they recycled them even another time for a session in the club of the Riders hotel, where normally the Team Trouble afterparties happen and where some of the photos in the zine got shot. That’s how it looks when skateboarding goes on a full circle of recycling.

Ramon Hotz Wallride Melon Fakie Riders Laax 2203 3290

Ramon Hotz – Wallride Melon Fakie

Ramon Hotz Fs Wallie Riders Laax 2203 3111

Ramon Hotz – Fs Wallie

Ramon Hotz Shippie Jump Riders Laax 2203 3088

Ramon Hotz – Hippie Jump

Silvano Deflorin Bs Smith Riders Laax 2203 3464

Silvano Deflorin – Bs Smith

Ramon Hotz Crail Bs Ts Riders Laax 2203 3241

Ramon Hotz – Bs Crailslide

Ramon Hotz Fs Feeble Riders Laax 2203 3397

Ramon Hotz – Fs Feeble

Caryl Ghetto Bird Riders Laax 2203 3277

Caryl – Ghetto Bird

Tobi Ott Boneless One Riders Laax 2203 3489

Tobi Ott – Boneless One

Julien Papen Wallie Riders Laax 2203 3505

Julien Papen – Wallie

Livio Wallie No Comply Riders Laax 2203 3538

Livio Gritti – Wallie No Comply